A new Podcast that breaks down the current state of storytelling in the cinema by comparing it to what has come before.


Erase/Rewind #10 (John Carpenter Retrospect part 1)

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Josh Hadley returns to discuss the movies and career of John Carpenter with me. In part 1 of this 2 parter, we cover his promising start with films like Dark Star, Assault on Precinct 13, and Halloween, to John C’s more mainstream works such as, Starman and Big Trouble In Little China. Other films discussed are The Thing, Christine, and Escape From New York.


Erase/Rewind Podcast #9 (Cinematic Heroes)

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On this episode we ask the question, “where have all the ‘human’ heroes gone in today’s cinema?” From past cinematic greats; like Gary Cooper, and James Stewart, to the two-fisted tough guys like Steve McQueen, John Wayne, and Lee Marvin. From the rise of 80’s action heroes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, and Sylvester Stallone, to the Impossible heroics of Batman, Superman, X-Men, and Thor. We cover a lot of ground in this near epic episode, even daring to ask the harder questions about why there doesn’t appear to be more hero-like qualities in people at large any longer. Controversial figures such as: Mel Gibson, Michael Vick, and Lindsay Lohan are also discussed.

Erase/Rewind Podcast #8 (Guilty Pleasures)

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This go around Jeff and I discuss those films that we all personally love, but generally don’t discuss with others for fear of being ridiculed or ostracized. We are of course talking about, guilty pleasures. Films discussed this episode are: Star Crash, Xanadu, Waterworld, Ultraman, The Wizard Of Speed And Time, Godzilla movies, Beastmaster, King Kong ’76, Zone Troopers, plus more… We will be silenced no more.

Albert Pyun Interview (Erase/Rewind #7)

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Special episode of Erase/Rewind where I had the pleasure of interviewing writer, director Albert Pyun. Mr. Pyun has directed such films as: Cyborg, Captain America, Dollman, The Sword And The Sorcerer, Radioactive Dreams, Ticker, Infection, Tales Of An Ancient Empire and Mean Guns. This career spanning interview is 1 hour and 17 minutes of the overall show. Jeff Dout joins me for the brief intro and wrap-up.

Erase/Rewind Podcast #6 (Animated Films)

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The topic of discussion is animated films-from family friendly fare such as Disney, to the X-rated world of Fritz The Cat. Animation has something for just about everyone. Films covered are: An American Tale, The Last Unicorn, The Secret Of Nimh, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Jungle Book, Fritz The Cat, Heavy Metal, and Rock & Rule. Dane Forgione of “The Mental Cast” returns to share his thoughts and love on the art of animation.

Erase/Rewind Podcast #5 (DVD Extras)

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A slight follow-up to previous episodes. Josh Hadley returns to show me the error of my ways regarding Director’s Cuts and DVD/Blu-Ray extras. Let’s see if he succeeds.

Erase/Rewind Podcast #4 (Sequels, and Remakes)

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Sequels and remakes- something new, or just the same old story? Where do they go wrong? When did they get it right? And, was it even necessary in the first place? Some films covered are: Godfather, Indiana Jones, Boondock Saints, Annie, and many more. Too many. Dane Forgione of “The Mental Cast” is our special guest this week.