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Dinner And A Horror Movie (E/R #15)

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Jeff and I try something completely different tonight as we show you how to cook up a mouth watering Chicken Philly Sub. Then we sit down to dine while we watch, “Neon Maniacs”, and offer up our review immediately after. Neither Jeff, nor myself have seen this film before, so this should be interesting to say the least. So grab your skillet and warm up the DVD player… it’s time for Dinner And A Horror Movie.


Halloween Music Special (Erase/Rewind #14)

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Things do more than go bump in the night on this special Halloween installment of Erase/Rewind as Jeff and I discuss the scores of the all-time classics in the horror genre. Films covered are: Frankenstein, Bride Of Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Thing From Another World, John Carpenter’s The Thing, Psycho, Suspiria, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Phantasm, Poltergeist, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Hellraiser, and more. Please join us… if you are not too scared.

Erase/Rewind #13 (We’re Back)

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After a long hiatus, E/R is back. Jeff and I discuss where we have been, and what took so long. We offer a little behind the scenes info on the making of “Movie Apocalypse”, our new movie review show. Also on the menu is E/R’s new format and the up-and-coming documentaries, “The F-Word”, and “The People Vs. George Lucas”. Lastly, we explain why films by the likes of Rob Zombie and Eli Roth do nothing for us. Especially compared to films like the original “Halloween” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

Movie Apocalypse Trailer

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Trailer for my new review show, “Movie Apocalypse”.

Todd Roy Interview Part 2 (Erase/Rewind #12)

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Todd Roy and I continue our discuss about working on “The Jace Hall Show” as well as what it truly takes to make it in this business. Todd also gives us a small glimpse into the future of HD Films. http://www.jacehallshow.com/ http://www.hdfilms.com/

Todd Roy Interview Part 1 (Erase/Rewind #12)

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My interview with writer, director, and producer, Todd Roy. Todd is currently the producer of such web-series as “The Jace Hall Show”, “The Legend Of Neil”, and “Chadam”. Todd and I discuss the ups and downs of his early years in internet distribution with the kung-fu comedy, “Kwoon”, right on up to working with named talent as Ice-T, Felicia Day, and Stan Lee on “The Jace Hall Show”. Anyone considering producing a web-series, or film of their own should listen to this interview. Other topics of discussion are: Duke Nukem Forever, Fallout Vegas, and World Of Warcraft. For more information about Todd Roy and Jace Hall productions, please head on over to: http://www.hdfilms.com.

Erase/Rewind #11 (John Carpenter Retrospect part 2)

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Part 2 of 2 of our John Carpenter retrospect. Films covered: They Live, Prince Of Darkness, Village Of The Damned, Ghosts Of Mars, Escape From L.A., Masters Of Horror, and Memoirs Of An Invisible Man.